Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my insurance cover?

Since almost every insurance policy is different, we recommend you calling your insurance to find out.

2. Do I need a doctor's referral?

Yes. Speech and language therapy is medically necessary and requires a prescription from child's doctor.

3. I received a note from my child's school about speech problems...what should I do?

Talk to your child's teacher first about his/her concerns regarding your child's speech and language. Then, contact a certified speech language pathologist with your questions and concerns to determine if an evaluation is needed.

4. How early is too early to start therapy?

It is never too early for a child to receive therapy once a delay has been noticed. The earlier a child receives therapy, the better.

5. Do you have flexible hours?

We do our best to work with a family's needs for scheduling therapy.

6. How long do sessions usually last?

Treatment sessions typically last for 30 minutes. We also give "homework" and ideas for parents to work on with their child throughout the rest of the week.

7. How soon before I see results in my child's development?

Every child is different and progresses at their own speed. Because there are many different types speech/language disorders, a specific length of time cannot be given.

8. Where do you hold sessions?

Treatment sessions are held in patient's homes, daycares, preschools and at our office.

9. How can I tell if my child has a speech problem?

Click HERE to see a list of typical language development milestones at each age bracket.